Sider Redigering

This is the system for editing the content of the individual pages.

You navigate from page to page as you would on the actual web site, via the navigation menu, either on the left or at the top of the page (depending on your website). You can even switch languages if your site is multi-lingual.

Note that the page you will be seeing is not exactly the page on your web-site that the end-user sees, but a 'copy' of that page that is used for editing. So you can make changes to the content of this page without it affecting your 'live' web-site.

Only when you press the 'Publish' button (see below) will the changes made here be copied to the 'live' web-site.

At the bottom of the page a control bar provides buttons that allow you either to edit the content of the page, publish the page, return to the menu, or call up this help documentation (in another window):