This reference manual is designed to help users of the Cradur administration system for creating and maintaining their web site.

There are various tasks involved in maintaining a web site: initialization, system administration, user administration, content management etc. All these tasks are covered in this reference manual, though not everyone will have access to all functions. Who has access to which function is decided by the user administrator. Cradur assures a seamless email communication between user and user administrator to ensure the efficient use of resources, and minimal administrative delays. 

This manual is divided into a number of main sections:

  • Login - This covers all aspects of registration and the mechanics of loging in to the Cradur administration system.
  • Website Maintenance - This follows screen-for-screen the functions available on the Cradur administration system.
  • Initialization - This is a technical section to document the setting up of a new Cradur web-site. It isn't really meant for the general user, but you're welcome to read if you want!

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