Convert Documents

You can upload any sort of document, e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, even pictures in JPEG or PNG format etc.

But the best format in which to display documents on the Web is PDF (Portable Document Format) by Adobe. Such documents can be viewed on almost all computers, whereas you'd need special software to read e.g. a MS Word document.

The disadvantage is that special software is needed to write PDF documents. With some editing software, e.g. Open Office and the latest versions of MS Word it is possible to save the document in PDF format (use 'Save as PDF' or 'Export as PDF' or similar).

If you don't have this option, you can use Web software to change the format.


For example to convert a MS Word document to PDF go to the website.

Here's how to convert a document using Zamzar:

  • Open the website in your browser.
    • Click on 'Choose Files' (Step 1).
      This opens a window where you can select the document (e.g. .doc) of which you want a PDF copy. Click on the document and click on 'Open'.
    • Choose PDF as format  in the drop-down list (Step 2).
    • Enter your email address (Step 3).
    • Click 'Convert' (Step 4).
  • Your document is uploaded to Zamzar to be converted.
  • Log in to your email. After a few minutes you should receive an email from Zamzar.
    • Open this email. About 10 lines down you'll see something like this:

      Alternatively click on the following link to download a copy of your converted file:

    • Click on the link.In the web page that opens click on the 'Download' button. Depending on your browser settings, the PDF document will be saved in a folder called 'Downloads', or one of your own choice. If your are asked to chose  'View' or 'Save', choose 'Save'.
  • Upload the document to your website.