A list of councillors is displayed. To add a councillor to the list click on the 'New Councillor' at the bottom of the page. (See the section 'Adding or editing a councillor' lower down on this page.)

Once the councillor is on the list, it's possible to edit the details, move the line to a differnt position in the list, or delete the record.

Adding or Editing a Councillor

The following information about a councillor can be entered:

  • Name (obligatory)
  • Address (not obligatory, but legally required)
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address (not shown on website)
  • District - the area represented
  • Role - Councillor / Chairman / Vice-chairman / Clerk / County Councillor
  • Active - leave this blank for ex-councillors, so that their details are kept for retrospective documents.

Displaying The List of Councillors on the Website

To display the list on a web page, choose the page element 'Councillor List' when editing the page.

Note that once the element is on the page, every change to the list, i.e. adding or deleting a councillor, changing a councillors details etc. will be shown on the page automatically, therefore there is no need to edit the page again.