Page Elements

A web page is composed of a series of page elements - text, pictures, slide-shows etc. When you click, on 'Edit' the elements are shown in a list like this: 

Page: Cyflwyniad (home)

Updated 09-04-2015 21:57:59 by John. Published 09-04-2015 22:03:07 by John.

--- Text ---

Growing Hypethelma Disporia

This plant does well once it's established. ...

--- Image ---

Image: galleries/gardens/crIm10010001.jpg.jpg

  • Position: right
  • Border: edge
  • Frame Colour: 59,128,128
  • Width in Pixels: 400px.

--- Spacer ---
--- Text ---

Be careful not to overwater this plant - it's not a very good swimmer.

At the bottom of the screen is a bar with an 'Exit' button, which takes you back to the Edit Pages screen.

Note: When you click on the button 'Exit', the page elements are composed and shown as a web-page on the 'Edit Pages' screen. However, this is only an editing copy. To make the page visible on the public website, you must publish the page. 

Types of Element

There are several types of element available to put on your page. The relevant list depends on which modules are installed on your website. Here are the most common elements, click on the name to see a page describing that sort of element.

Handling Elements

To handle an element, e.g. move, delete, edit, insert a new element, click on the blue panel that displays the element. A menu similar to this one will pop-up:

  • Move
  • Delete
  • Insert Element Before
  • Insert Element After

If the element you clicked on is one which can be edited, the menu will look like this:

  • Edit
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Insert Element Before
  • Insert Element After


This option is not available for every element. E.g. it's not possible to edit 'Page Title' or 'New Line'. (If you're not satisfied with the page title you can enter your own text as a 'Text' element instead).

To edit the element click on 'Edit' and an editing screen will appear. There are different screens for the different element types (text, picture, etc.). The various screens are described on the following pages:


An element can be moved to another position on the page. When this option is chosen, the following window appears:

Click on where you wish to move this element.


Click on the element where you wish to move the original element, you'll see the following window:

  • Insert Element Before
  • Insert Element After

You can click on the 'Cancel' button any time to finish without moving.


When you click on this option, the following window appears:

Are you sure you want to remove this element?

Confirm Cancel

It does what it says!

Insert Element Before

Insert Element After

Chosing one of these options causes a window similar to the following to appear:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Spacer
  • Contact Form
  • Slide Show
  • Page Title
  • Events
  • Language Choice
  • Gallery
  • More...

The exact list depends on the properties of your website. Not every element is available on every website.

Click on the type of element you want, it will be placed on the page.

New Page

If there isn't any content on a page, the screen will look like this:

Page: Introduction (home)

Never Updated Never Published

  • There are no elements for this panel. Default content will be displayed

On the right hand side of the toolbar at the bottom of the page are the following buttons:

As you can see ther is a button to add an element. This works in exactly the same way as adding an element on an existing page (see "Insert Element" above).