Meetings - Minutes - Agenda

Initially, the council meetings from one year ago to one year in the future are displayed in a table.

You can change the dates at the top of the list if you want to see meetings outside this range. You can also display the meetings in different order by clicking on the small arrows i.e. from latest to oldest or vice-versa.

Adding a Meeting

At the bottom of the page there is a 'New Meeting' button. Clicking on this allows you to add the details of a new meeting to the calendar. On the new meeting screen most of the details will already be filled in, and usually the only things to be filled in are the date, and possibly the location. The 'default' values are stored in 'Settings' (Council Module), and these can be changed when you click on the 'Settings' button at the bottom of the meetings list screen.

Repeating a Meeting

If you have a long list of meetings to add to the calendar, e.g. entering all the meetings for the next year, use this option to lighten the task. Enter the details of the first meeting, save these and return to the list. Then click on that meeting in the list and choose 'Repeat'.

it's possible to repeat a meeting every week, every month on the same date, or on the same day every month (e.g the second Tuesday of the month, or whatever it was for the original meeting).

The system will then create the requested number of copies of the meeting on the correct dates. Afterwards you can edit each meeting for itself (e.g. if the meeting is at another venue, or has to be postponed).

Meeting Documents

Once the meeting has been entered on the calendar, you can connect documents to the meeting, e.g. the agenda and minutes. Click on the meeting and on 'Documents' in the drop-down list.