Declared Interest

By choosing this option on the menu, you'll see the list of interests that have already been declared.

Before being able to add a new declaration, two things must be in place:

Once these are in place, click on 'Add Interest' at the bottom of the page. Then choose the councillor, and the date and time of the meeting from the 'drop-down' lists. Add the rest of the details, such as the number or description of agend item involved, details of the connection, and the action taken, i.e. "Connection prejudicial, therefor leaving meeting" or "Non-prejudicial, taking part in discussion"


Displaying the Declared Interest on the Website

To show the declared interests on a page, choose the page element "Declared Interests".

Once this elelment is on a page, it will be updated automatically everytime you add, delete or edit an interest. So you don't have to edit the page again.