Council Documents

This option allows you to upload different types of documents that are relevant to the council.

You can define any type of document, but some starndard types will be pre-defined on the system, e.g. agenda and minutes of meetings, annual returns, ...

When you start this option you will see a list of the defined document types. Click on one of these to upload a document (see below).

Uploading a Document that has been Edited

The best way to display a document on the web is as a PDF (Portable Document Format) which was developed by the Adobe company,but which is now an open format, so anyone can develop software that uses it.

It's possible to create a PDF document from most word processors such as Microsoft Word, Open Office Write, etc. Use the option 'Export as PDF', 'Create PDF' or similar.

Once you have the PDF document on your computer click on the "Upload Document" button at the bottom of the screen to upload it.

Uploading a Document that has been Scanned

As a PDF Document

The best way to display the annual returns, for example, is as a PDF document containing all the pages.

It's possible to scan a document into a single PDF file. How this is done depends on the sort of printer/scanner you are using. Search on the web for the instructions for your machine. For convenience, here are links for scanners by Brother, HP, and Epsom.

Once the PDF document is on your computer, click on "Upload Document" at the bottom of the screen.

As Images of the Pages

If you've scanned the document, a page at a time, as a series of images (.png or .jpg files), then use the "Upload Page" button at the bottom of the screen to upload the pages, one at a time.

Once you've done this make use the "Move" button on the pop-up window  (when you click on the thumbnail of the page) to make sure the pages are in the right order. You can click on "Display" on the drop-down menu on any page to see the images in sequence to check.

When all pages are uploaded and in the correct order click on "Create PDF" on the drop-down menu on any page to create a complete PDF document.


NOTE: Google translate doesn't work on scanned documents (of any type).

Adding a New Type of Document

If the type of document you want isn't on the list, and this is a type of document you are likely to want to upload again (otherwise just use the standard document upload on the main (non-council) menu and edit the page) then you can add the type of document to the list by clicking on the "Document Types" at the bottom of the documents menu page.

This will take you to the "Document Types" screen.