Before being able to put pictures on your web pages, the pictures have to be uploaded to the web server. The pictures in the Cradur web maintenance system are organized into galleries. This page shows you how to work with galleries, and the pctures they contain.

Clicking on 'Pictures' on the menu brings up a screen which displays all the images in a gallery. Usually it will open on the first gallery (alphabetically), but you can easily change galleries by selecting the gallery you want in the drop-down list below the title.

Gallery: gardens

Change Gallery:

  • Tropical Plants

    600px.(W) × 801px.(H)

  • Tulips

    600px.(W) × 801px.(H)

  • Digging

    600px.(W) × 801px.(H)

  • Ferns

    600px.(W) × 801px.(H)


A caption appears beneath each picture (see 'Edit Text' below), and the size of the image in pixels (see 'Resize' below).

By hovering over the picture with the mouse, the name of the image is displayed - this is used only for technical purposes.

The following buttons are available on the tool-bar at the bottom of the screen:

Upload Image

To upload an image to this gallery, click on the 'Upload Image' button at the bottom of the screen.

For full details about uploading images see 'Upload Image'.

Create Gallery

To create a new gallery, click on the 'Create Gallery' button at the bottom of the screen.

For information about creating galleries see 'Create Gallery'


Image Manipulation

If you click on one of the images in the Gallery View, the following pop-up menu appears:

  • View Image
  • Rotate Clockwise
  • Rotate Anticlockwise
  • Turn up-side-down
  • Resize
  • Edit Text
  • Copy
  • Delete

View Image

This opens the image in a separate window in full size.

Rotate Clockwise

This rotates the image through 90° clockwise

Rotate Anticlockwise

This rotates the image through 90° anticlockwise.

Turn up-side-down

This rotates the image through 180°.


This brings up a screen where you can change the dimensions of an image. 


The image ratio (width:height) is conserved, therefore you only need to give one dimension (width or height) or the percentage reduction. The system calculates the two others.

Note you can only make an image smaller, i.e. compress the image.

Edit Text

You can add text to a picture (This will be used when displaying a whole gallery). Click on 'Edit Text' and the following window appears:

Edit Text

As you can see you can put a caption and a longer description. These are visible when displaying a gallery.

Text is entered separately for each language you use on your website; change language by clicking on the 'Language: English' button at the top of the screen before adding text to the image.

The system uses the file name (withour extension) as a caption when it is uploaded, this can then be changed.


Clicking on this option brings up a pop-up menu similar to this one:


Select the gallery to which you wish to make a copy (it can be the gallery from which the picture is taken). A copy will be made imediately.

To abandon the copy simply click on another image, or another part of the gallery view page.


This option removes the image completely from teh website. (You'll have to upload the image again if you want it back!)

On clicking this option the following pop-up windiw appears:

Are you sure you want to remove this element?