Selecting this element will cause all the images from a gallery to be displayed on your page in thumbnail format, thus:

If you click on one of the images, a new page will open with that picture enlarged, where you can further expand or contract the image, or navigate to other pictures in the gallery - try it here!

Select Gallery

Selecting a gallery is the same as for a slide-show. Simply change gallery by selecting from the drop-down list, and when you find the gallery you want press 'continue'.


By clicking on 'Choose' the following screen appears:

Gallery: gerddi

Change Gallery:

You can change gallery by clicking on the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Click on 'Continue' to choose the shown gallery and close the window. If you change your mind about choosing a new gallery, click on 'Cancel'.

After choosing the gallery the screen will look like this:


Note that it's possible to change the gallery again (now or in the future while editing the gallery element) by clicking 'Change' and going through the same process.