Welcome to the Cradur Website Management System reference manual

This manual is designed to help you maintain and develop your website using the Cradur Website Management System. It covers all aspects of the system, so if you are responsible for just editing one page, uploading pictures, changing the 'look' of the website, or user administration, this manual should cover it.

The first chapter helps you navigate around the system: How to register, log-in and -out of the system, what to do if you forget your password, change the language you're working in etc.

The subsequent chapters follow the main system menu, explaining how each function in turn works. You will probably only need to know a small part of this material, depending on whether you just want to edit the text on a page, add a picture, or register an event on the events calendar, etc. etc.

How to navigate around this help manual

To go to the next page press Ctrl and the right arrow on your keyboard (works on most modern browsers). For previous page press Ctrl and left arrow, and to come back to this introductory page press Ctrl and up arrow (or Ctrl and F7)..