Note: this page explains how to place an image on a page of your website. Before being able to do this you must upload the image to a gallery on your website first. To see how to do this see the page about handling pictures in galleries.

This facility allows you to add a picture to your webpage. Pictures are a great way to eliven a page and draw in potential readers. Cradur allows you to add pictures in various sizes, with or without coloured frames, positioned left, right or center of the page. Furthermore Cradur optimizes the download time for your page by resizing the images before they are transmitted.

The following example shows the screen for adding and editing image details:   

If you are adding a new image to the page, the screen looks like this:

Frame Colour:
Width in Pixels:
Link to:

Choose/Change Image

Clicking on the "Choose" button (or "Change" on an existing image) brings up a screen like the following in a separate window: