If you have not been set up, you can ask the system to set you up by pressing the 'register' button on the login screen. The following screen will appear:

Fill in the screen with your details.

Here is an example for the user  'David':

UserId must be min. 3 characters comprising letters, numerals or underscore only, and must start with a letter.

Password must be min 6 characters long, contain at least one lower case and one upper case letter and one numeral, but no spaces.

Email Address must be a valid email address.

You are asked to confirm your password and email address to ensure that you have not mis-typed either.


The password and email address must both be entered twice, and must match in both cases. This is to ensure that you enter the right password (as what you are typing is not displayed, for security reasons), and in the case of the email address that you do not make a typing mistake. It is very important that the system has your correct email address in the case that you forget your passeword.

If either the passwords or email addresses do not match, you will see an error message:

  • Error: Passwords do not match. (Note: password is case-sensitive.)

  • Error: email addresses do not match. Please re-confirm email address.

When you have entered your details press the 'register' button. If your details are acceptable you will be registed and logged in to the Cradur administration menu. However you will only have very limited access to the functions. To be able to use other functions you must ask a user administrator for access to groups of tasks (content management, etc.).