Council Page Elements

It's possible to add a Council Module page element like any other page element. The Council Module elements can be seen by clicking on "Council..." on the edit page drop-down page element menu.

All Council Module page elements are automatic, in the sense that once they are on the page they don't need to be edited again. The changes made in the Council Module will be reflected on the web pages immediately.

Here are the elements available at present:

Councillor List

This shows a list of the councillors that have been entered in the Council Module menu item 'Councillors'. The councillors are shown in the same rder as they appear on that screen. Only 'active' councillors are shown.

Next Agenda

This element creates text with a link to the next meeting agenda on the page.

The system determines the correct document to display, i.e. the nearest future meeting that has an agenda attached (see Meeting Documents). If no such document exists, no text will appear on the page.

Annual Documents

This element creates links on the web page to all the annual documents for the past five years which have been uploaded to the Council Module as PDF files.

(Documents which have been uploaded as a series of pages as scanned image files will be displayed as a sequence of images. These can be converted to a PDF file on the Council Documents screen.)

The system detects the latest uploaded documents automatically, so there is no need to edit this element, once it is in place.

Minutes of Meetings


Declarations of Interest


Dates of Council Meetings

There is no special element for this requirement. In stead use the page element 'Events' choosing the council as arranger, and select a suitable period (e.g. from one month (30 days) before today to one year (365 days) after today.)