You can display a calendar of events on your web site, chosing different periods, and showing the events for everyone, or just one club or organizer.

The calender will look something like this:

May 2017
Somewhereton Footbal Club
Somewherton v Neighbourville
Friendly Football Match
Somewhereton Football Pitch

To display a calendar like this on your web page, use the page element Events.

Calendar Events Maintenance Screen

To add or edit an event on the calendar, click on 'Events' on the control panel.

A screen like this one will be displayed:


Title Location
09.05.2017 19:00:00 History Society
24.05.2017 17:00:00 Somewhereton Footbal Club Somewherton v Neighbourville Somewhereton Football Pitch
09.06.2017 19:00:00 Youth Club Sommer Dance Commnity Hall
18.09.2017 19:00:00 Somewhereton Community Council Monthly Meeting Community Hall

At the bottom of the screen is the toolbar:

New Event

To add an event to the list, click on 'New Event' on the bottom of the page. This brings up the edit (new) event screen.

Maintaining an Event

Click on the relevant line in the list, the following window will appear:

  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Repeat


Clicking on this option opens the Edit Event screen. Here you can change any detail of the event.


Use this option to create an event which is similar to an existing one, so that you don't have to retype all the details.

The Edit Event screen will open, and you can change the details you want to.



This option deletes the event completely - the event is removed from any calendar.

A confirmation pop-up window will appear before the event is deleted.

(Note - if you just want to remove the event from the calendar, but don't want to delete it (perhaps until some detail is finalised) then 'un-tick' the 'Publish' box on the Edit Event screen; this will 'hide' the event.)


If the event is a recurring one, for example each first Monday of the month, or each week etc., you don't have to re-type all the details each time. Use this option to open the Repeat Event screen.


Every event has to have an organizer, even though it may be the same organizer for all your events.

When you add or edit an event, you choose the organizer from a list. To add a new organizer to the list or edit an existing one click on the 'Organizers' button on the bottom of the screen to opent the Event Organizer screen.